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Haitch convey is the easiest way to find and work with top freelance talent. We take the hard work out of finding and hiring freelancers for your HR projects. Whether you are an experienced recruiter or a new to hiring, haitch will help you hire the right people to solve your problems.

How long does conveyancing take in Australia?

We all have an opinion about pronunciation and spelling, but when it comes to the letter H there are some people who will go to extreme lengths to defend the sanctity of the aspirated form. This is not unusual as pronouncing words correctly is a mark of civilisation and even a little bit of style. In Roman times it was considered a sign of etiquette to pronounce every H (catullus wrote a catty little poem about an Arrius who overused his Hs), but by the 20th century in Britain and Australia dropping the H for most words beginning with H was not done. Interestingly, the letter H itself is an example of H-dropping – deriving from the medieval French word hache or axe (hatchet and herb are cousins), it arrived in English H-less, with a few added syllables to make it resemble aitch.

Aversion to the way others pronounce or spell words seldom has any linguistic rationale; it is usually just an excuse to typecast them as socially inferior. But this is not the case with the haitch vs aitch debate, which in Australia has been linked to religion (Rosen notes that it was the Catholic Normans who introduced the ‘haitch’ pronunciation). The ‘aitch’ Australian variant has also been associated with Irish Catholics in particular, although the evidence for this is circumstantial.

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