Gain Gels Syndicate Blog How to Go About Crane Hire in the UK

How to Go About Crane Hire in the UK

If you need to use a crane on your site, there are a few different options for how to go about it. One of the most common is standard crane hire uk; this is where you simply rent out a crane to work on your instructions for the duration of your project. This type of crane hire can often be cheaper but you take on a lot more responsibility when using it as you are responsible for the safety of the crane and making sure that you comply with regulations like BS7121 and LOLER.

Crane Hire UK: Navigating Options and Services

The other option is contract lifting. This is a more thorough form of crane rental and requires you to sign up to CPA (Construction Plant-hire Association) contract lift terms and conditions. This means that the crane hire company will take on more of the responsibility and be responsible for planning your lift, choosing a suitable crane, providing an Appointed Person and taking on all of the risk assessments needed for the job.

This type of crane hire may cost more upfront but it is often worth the extra expense. Having this peace of mind can often save you money in the long run as you are less likely to incur costs from damages or accidents that you were not expecting. Long-term projects like renovations, or those on sites of heritage importance (like churches, museums and grade-listed buildings) are far better suited to contract lifting than standard crane hire as this ensures that the equipment is properly looked after and managed.

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